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Natalie Raitano

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Born and raised in Charleroi, Pa Natalie spent her childhood studying singing, ballet, jazz and gymnastics, always being the performer. After attending Mon-Valley Catholic High school, Raitano majored in dance and performing arts at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.

When she first moved to Los Angeles, Raitano considered her options. "I wanted something exciting that fulfilled my passion,"
she says. "I explored dance and hip hop, but really wanted to sing. Within a few weeks, I hooked up with a few girls and we formed 'Breeze,' an ensemble singing group." While Raitano pursued her passion for singing, she made the rounds as a
waitress, florist, and aerobics instructor. One day while working out with one of her clients, Natalie became the living
definition of an "overnight success" - her client asked her to meet with J.F. Lawton ("Pretty Woman," "Under Siege"
creator and executive producer of "VIP") as he too was looking for a personal trainer. Once J.F. laid eyes on the
stunning beauty, he was swept with her captivating looks and outgoing personality and immediately pushed her to
audition for the role of Nikki. She auditioned and Lawton says, "She just leaped off the screen."
The rest they say, is history...




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