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The Globe July 9, 1999

Shawster: So how are you and what's it like being a side kick of Pamela?

Natalie Raitano: Hey, Shawster! :) It's great working with Pamela. We're very good friends, and we have fun all the time, 'cause we're both goofy.

kameer: Where were you born?

Natalie Raitano: Hi Kameer! I was born and raised in Charlerois, Pennsylvania, an hour south of Pittsburgh.

macewindu: VIP always has good guest appearances, can you tell us what guest stars to expect in the new season?

Natalie Raitano: Hi! This season, we've already had Jay Leno, Loni Anderson who plays Pamela's mother....she's actually here today, shooting that episode right now. We want George Clooney, Dennis Rodman, Lil' Kim, hm.. Shaq & Magic Johnson are gonna do it...we're trying for Chris Rock....Bronson Pinchot did it....So, the others are just hopefuls. That's all so far, oh! Tommy Lee did one! How can I forget that one! He was awesome.

GlobeHost: Where are you shooting right now?

Natalie Raitano: Where are we shooting now? We're shooing in N. Hollywood at our stage. Our own stage. We shoot it here 3 or 4 days out of each episode.

Thickdck: Are you married? What are your views on Marriage?

Natalie Raitano: I'm not married. I have a couple of boyfriends! I'm in the L.P.C., the Little Player's Club! ;) I have a boyfriend but he lives in New York. I'm focused on my work, But I'm having a good time. My views on marriage: I haven't 'met the right person yet, maybe you're it! :) Who knows??? (giggle)

Twoguns: I just wanted to tell you that you are the hottest on YOUR show, and it is YOUR show. Those other girls can't compare to your talent, and beauty.

Natalie Raitano: WOW!!! Thank you so much! What an awesome compliment, especially considering I'm on the hottest show and I work with the hottest girls in the biz, especially Pamela. I feel lucky to even be considered pretty enough to be in their realm. :)

eeee8: Is it fun doing a fight scene even though you know what's happening next?

Natalie Raitano: YES! It's totally fun pretending that I'm kicking people's ass! Especially when they're usually guys and you're the one that's winning. It's fun, but it's good to know it's not true. '

Oz28: What is it like to be famous and be on a series where millions of people watch you and adore you? What do you look for in a guy?

Natalie Raitano: Okay...#1: I'm just experiencing fame, I guess you'd call it, this is my first big job, so it's a lot of fun, but the best is hearing how great the feedback is and how much everyone really loves the show, and great feedback means another year. As for what I look for in a man, I look for someone who's honest....who's got a great sense of humor, because I'm so silly, someone has to understand it, and someone I have a connection/great chemistry with, and you have to be really close to God, because I am. Spiritual. Someone who's spiritual. If you're spiritual, you're close to God. I was raised religiously, and still go to church. I go to Bethany Community Central where Bishop Noel Jones, Grace Jones' brother is the pastor! I LOVE him, he's awesome. Then, when I'm home with my parents, I go to Catholic church. My parents are SO happy for me, they couldn't be happier! Especially with my dream coming true, it happens to a very small percentage of people here. I've been really blessed. Some people on the show have a week's worth of work, and I have a hit show. I'm really blessed.

GlobeHost: How long have been out in L.A.?

Natalie Raitano: About 7 or 8 years. I was singing in "Breeze." There were 4 other girls with me, they just got signed on Will Smith's label and are actually on the Wild Wild West soundtrack. I wish them well, and I hope they do great! It's all good for all of us, people have to sometimes go their separate ways.

macewindu: If you were a rapper what would your rap name be?

Natalie Raitano: IT would be LPN Little Playa' Nat! That's the name of my production company.... kameer: I hear that you like to shop on the web. Have ever been at Natalie Raitano: No, I haven't, and I've never shopped on the Web. But, I might someday! Anywhere that there's shopping....! I LOVE shoes, all of us on the show love shoes... Shoes make your legs look sexy. The sexier shoes you have on, the nicer your legs look. :)

macewindu: I agree you are the most beautiful actress on the show..I also used to watch your aerobics show :) Will you ever get back into that maybe put out an exercise video?

Natalie Raitano: WOW! Thanks, I feel like I look know, you look at yourself, you feel you look weird... But thanks, yes, I'm probably going to do an abs video, and an album! It's all in the way you put it out there...a lot of people can't even sing, and they're #1 stars. I can "saaaaang!"

macewindu: I know you, Pamela and Molly Culver hang out a lot, What is the craziest thing you have done together?

Natalie Raitano: Oh, goodness, how many things have we done? Well, the craziest thing.....? Hm....I can't really say there's any one crazy thing, we just always have a great time, wait: we were at the stripper's club, Club Paradise in Vegas after the Tyson fight, we were gettin' jiggy wit' it. That was one of the craziest times.

Carramia: I have seen this show probably twice ... my question is when you were starting out looking for an acting gig...would you have ever thought yourself in this type of role? The second part to this is, what type of roll would be your "dream role"?

Natalie Raitano: Okay...this role is a dream job. It's my alter ego. Nicki Franco is my alter ego. I couldn't have asked for a better role. A dream role? Doing something comedic. I love funny stuff, so that would be a dream role.

kameer: I'm a songwriter and I heard you sing How can I present my material for your review?

Natalie Raitano: Send it to my manager: Steven Jensen, at IMG, the # is 323-951-4900 Do you want to know about Dustin on our show? (hee hee!) He's going to be a new part of our show.

Kellie79: Are you gonna´ make a movie in the soon future??????

Natalie Raitano: I've been auditioning for movies, and there's a few in the works, but nothing written in stone yet. There's a few I want to do, but you'll hear about it when it happens! :)

SmarttAzz: Besides VIP, what is your favorite show on TV?

Natalie Raitano: "The Real World." and Howard Stern. I was never a fan until I was on his show and met him. He's amazing. THAT was the craziest night! We went out to Scores with Howard. There were a bunch of people there. We had a good time, just a couple of hours.

GeorgeB: What do you like to do in your off time? Are you a nightowl?

Natalie Raitano: Well, George B, I like to go out to nice restaurants, but sometimes I like to really party and go out to every club. I like to read, I love reading. I'm into spiritual books and things, like -Conversations with God,- -Many lives, many masters, - -Talking to Heaven,- stuff like that...

Propelerhead: If you were offered a part in a feature film, who would u love to have acting as your co-star and why?

Natalie Raitano: I'd love to work in an action film with either Steven Seagal, or Arnold Schwartzenneger, or Bruce Willis, I tried out for a film called "The Whole 9 Yards" with him, but any action movie for me, would be a dream job.

JayLee: Do you have your own website? Do you like to surf the web?

Natalie Raitano: I don't have my own site yet, that will be a new millenium, New Year's resolution for this year, and I'm sure I'll be surfing then! :)

GlobeHost: What are you doing for New Years? Natalie Raitano: I am going to be with my family. Probably in Florida with my grandmother. She's 86.

Sharona44: What is most dangerous about you?

Natalie Raitano: Sharona! "My Sharona!" -- Cool. My impulse is... when I don't think before I do things. There isn't anything wrong with it, but sometimes, I think, 'I can't believe I did that....!'

Sometimes.... Nooch: If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Natalie Raitano: Michael Jordan, because, I'm totally in love with him! ;) No...I think he's an amazing person, he's accomplished so much, and I love his demeanor. When you have a superstar status, you have a superstar mind, and I'd like to feed off of that.

Propelerhead: Just wanted to know if you were a basketball fan! And what your favorite team was?

Natalie Raitano: Hell yeah! And, my favorite team? It used to be the Bulls (obviously!) but I love the Sonics, because I'm a Gary Peyton fan. I'm a really big fan of Phil Jackson, so now I'm a really big Laker's fan. I've read Phil's book, -Sacred Hoops.- It's really cool! It's interesting. It just shows how he made his team a championship team. You could elevate yourself to that level.

Shawster: Would you ever consider poseing naked for Playboy?

Natalie Raitano: That's not really my vibe....I don't think it's the move for the type of career I want. I'm not saying I'd never do it, but right now, it's not really my vibe. Now, next week, you'll see Natalie Raitano is posing for the 2000 issue of "Playboy!" (joke!)

Cywolfer: What do you do for fun?

Natalie Raitano: What do I do for fun, hmm....spend time with friends, visit my family, ski, also, I love working out. skyesat: Do you have a favorite old time movie and a fav recent movie you have seen lately?

Natalie Raitano: Okay, my favorite old time movie is "Grease!" And my newest? "Dumb and Dumber." And if you haven't seen "American Pie," go see it, it's hysterical! I just went to the premiere 2 nights ago. I was screaming throughout the whole entire movie. So, those 2 movies, and American Pie,those are my favorites.

Carramia: I just have to say that you rock now because Grease kicks some serious booootay...

Natalie Raitano: Ha!! One of the movies I used to love was "Staying Alive." Pam and I would ask guys "Do you like Staying Alive with John Travolta?" Before she was back with Tommy. By the way, thanks!

rich1865: Are you planning to direct or produce any future shows? Or write any?

Natalie Raitano: No, not in the near future. I'm working on being an actress first. My acting thing is first. I'm staying focused on acting, not trying to jump the gun at all.

EddieMun: What advice would you give to an aspiring actor? Natalie Raitano: Do everything you can to feel good about yourself, and it really has to do with confidence, being fearless, and that just doesn't come out of acting class. Definitely take classes, but be sure about yourself. Be able to just go in there and do whatever they say. Be as good to yourself as you possibly can. :)

Agge1: Hi Natalie! My name is Agge. What do you like the most about Nikki? What do you like the least about her?

Natalie Raitano: The thing I like the most about her is she kicks ass, but the thing I like least is, it doesn't seem like she's really that smart! She's smart at what she does, but it doesn't seem she's booksmart. THAT kind of smart. That's the only thing I don't like about her. Everything else rocks!

Thickdck: Snow skiing or water? If snow skiing is one of your passions you could come up into the Canadian Rockies and ski at Castle Mountain Resort.. Small hill with 2850 vertical feet of skiing in 1500 acres.

Natalie Raitano: UH OH! Maybe I'll see you in Vail, my father has a place out there...Sounds awesome! Thank you! rich1865: Do you think the move to Fox will increase your shows audience? Natalie Raitano: We've always been on Fox, we have a great audience!

GlobeHost: What would you like to do that you have not done yet?

Natalie Raitano: Make an album. Everyone, thanks for chatting with me! Be good to yourself, stay focused, stay close to God, and bye bye! (Waving!)